Mobo ddr3 if video card is ddr3?

I am building my first budget gaming pc!!

I bought a amd phenom II x4 940 and a geforce 9800gt video card. The video card is ddr3. Does that mean I have to buy a mobo that is ddr3? And what is a good mobo for 50-70 bucks that is compatible with these?
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    The Video RAM on the GPU is independent of the type of mobo it should run on. Compatibility wise that AM2+ Deneb would run on an AM2+ motherboard with DDR2 RAMs

    Have a look at this mobo
  2. Awesome!! Thanks batuchka. Hopefully I will have my pc set up by this weekend. I will post once I'm up and running. Can't wait.
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  4. You are welcomed ^^
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