Phenom 9950x4 vs Phenom II 555x2

its easy witch is better for gaming?
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  1. None of those games in that bench are all that well threaded, but at stock speeds a Phenom II 555 will still out perform a Phenom 9950 in almost all games.
  2. what about a AMD Athlon II X4 640 is that better than the phenom II x2 555
  3. ct1615 said:
    none??!! Far Cry 2 is multi-core optimized proven by the benchmarks between the Phenom II x2 & x4 @ 3.2

    and the athlon II x2 and x4

    so you comment above falls into the epic fail category

    You do realize the Athlon II X2 is pulling 45fps and the Athlon II X4 is pulling 40fps in that link right? :lol:

    I did just notice they added some new games to that bench, and well Dragon Age is the only game that shows any real gains going from 2-4 cores.
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