Should i Upgrade to DDR3?

Hey guys, I'm upgrading my processor to a Phenom II 965. My current processor is a Phenom 9550. My motherboard is an AM2+ socket so i can run the processor, I have two different AM2+ motherboards an ECS a780gm-a and an ASUS m3a32 deluxe. I'm running 3gbs of 667 ddr2 ram due to 32bit cap and I only use this system to Game.

I'm trying to make the decision if i really need to upgrade to ddr3 ram with a 64 bit system. In order for me to do that i need to buy a new motherboard. I wanted to know if i should upgrade to a crossfire enabled motherboard with 4gb pf ddr3 ram. I really want to sell my processor, ASUS, and Ram. If i sold it now i believe that i will get more for them than if i were to wait. I eventually plan to Sli HD 5770.

This is the motherboard i want. ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard

If someone thinks i should sell my parts and upgrade now, can you tell me a suggested value and some of the direct values i would get upgrading to DDR3 ram.
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  1. If upgrading on the cheap for games:
    Get a 720BE
    used HD 4890/GTX 275 in the 2nd hand hardware market (preferably with warranty left)
    stay on your current platform and am assuming u have a decent PSU there hehe
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