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Hi guys, I recently purchased a Lenovo Y580 and am thinking about getting an SSD after finding out that this laptop has an mSata slot. The laptop's chipset does not support Intel RST, so I would use it to store my OS while everything else will go on the HDD it came with. I have some questions though.

1.) Is it possible to wipe the HDD (which will have the OS on it when it arrives) and reinstall the OS on the mSSD?

2.) I talked to a Lenovo rep and that person said the laptop only supports 32GB mSata SSD's. How can you tell what it supports? Is 32GB enough for the OS?

3.) I was looking at getting this SSD. It's a Crucial M4 (so it must be good!) but I can't find any reviews for it anywhere. Is this ok? Does it matter if it is Sata II or III?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Bump can anyone tell me if this SSD is ok? Thanks!
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