Need help identifying CPU

Im currently bidding on a x4 9850 (i know, old, but its the top one my motherboard can handle) and I have been trying to find out a bit more about it and noticed something odd. I found the cpu's details but could not see this stepping code anywhere.

Heres the text on the cpu: -

AMD Phenom

I have found these stepping codes "JAAAB AA JAAFB AA JAAHB AA" but could not find "JAARB AA" anywhere.

Anybody know anything about it?
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  1. This tells us what we need to know, specifically in the bolded bits HD985ZXAJ4BGH

    The ZXAJ in the middle tells us its one of the black edition B3 stepping ones, the 0XAJ is the none black edition 125W one, and the 0WCJ is the 95W B3 stepping one.
  2. Thanks for that, The reason I asked was cos I found the cpu here: -

    Link to CPU world

    where is lists the Stepping codes JAARB AA wasn't listed. I didn't want to but one of those engineering samples.
  3. I think I may have figured it out. I think the chip is a refurbished one. I found a chip with the same markings as the one I described.

    Heres The one I found
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