Need help building a DLNA server!

Hello ! Been on this site for years but never really posted lol
Well first off.
I'm moving to an apartment, just got out of the military.

I'm wanting to build a DLNA server. I have 2 Samsung Smart TVs. Windows 8 consumer, Windows phone 7 (soon to be WP8), and Ill be buying Windows Surface tablet.
I also have a WiFi bluray player, and a Xbox 360.

Its a single story 650 sq feet apartment, so range on the router is not an issue. I have tons of blueray movies on my computer from deployment, and I want to be able to play them on anything. I'm not sure the correct format for DLNA though. I have all HD devices so, a format with HD quality is a must. I really don't need more then 2 terabytes of storage though. Raid 1 is fine.

I have a custom high end computer that I built.
I just need help configuring all this. Im new to DLNA and NAS. I use Zune as my music. So I don't need iTunes stuff.
What yalls suggestions? What type of NAS, or should I even get a NAS, and just buy and external HDD and buy a router that can double as a media server. (Linksys EA4500).
Streaming media is the primary use of this. No files really.
I really need some help with this. Thank you a bunch! :)
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  1. Anybody have any ideas? I could really use some help please !
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