Dual Monitor compatibility for ATI 5750 Card

Hey guys I am about to pull the trigger on a H.I.S. ATI 5750 1GB GPU. My intention and reason for getting the card is to be able to have dual monitor support so I can run Microsoft Media Center from my main PC so I don't need to make a dedicated HTPC. I need to be able to have dual monitor support and my PC monitor uses DVI and my TV uses HDMI. Both connections are available on the 5750 card, but I need to know if both outputs will run at the same time. The H.I.S. site says that the card can support dual monitors but it says nothing if one connection can be DVI and the other HDMI.

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  1. Here is the specific card that I am looking at buying.

  2. they can run at the same time, no worries
  3. Thanks, I wound up ordering a Sapphire 5670 instead because of concerns about the length of the 5750 covering SATA ports.
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