Memory for Crosshair IV extreme with amd x6 1090T

Cant figure what type of memory to get. i want 6-8gigs and i have to buy it from newegg only problem is asus QVL for crosshair IV extreme 6 core processors is small and i cant find any of them on newegg. i dont want to spend more then $200 for ram. what would be the best for a amd 6core 1090T cpu on a Asus Crosshair IV Extreme MB. please if possible post a link from newegg of the ram.
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  1. I don't see any reason for this kit not to work.
    READ the feedback = plenty of crosshair IV and 6 core users.
  2. sweet thanks
  3. mushkin 996657 1600 @ 7 7 7 20 works very nice with that setup i have the same board and cpu and the mushkin is flawless and has lots of overclocking room on that system mine is stable 1766 @ 7 7 7 20

    crappy deal i cant seem to find any one with stock any more
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