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Samsung GT7000 - many problems!

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a b Ô Samsung
October 21, 2004 3:06:26 AM

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Hi guys,

My boss's old computer hasn't worked for a while. I've now decided to
take it back home and to have a look at it, to see if I can fix it.

His computer's a Samsung GT7000 - and I can't seem to find any help
anywhere on the Internet - I know you guys can do something!

When I took it home, I plugged it in and found two problems. First,
the display doesn't work. At all. Kaput.

Secondly, it's asking for a password. My boss left the company over a
year ago now and all his numbers have changed so I have no way of
contacting him to ask what his password is.

So, I need to open the laptop, to A) Reset the password and B) to
check if there's any loose connections between the computer and the

The problem is - I can't seem to open it. I've opened many computers
before, but this is the first laptop I've tried it on. And I don't
want to damage it at all.

So basically, how do I open the laptop (I seem to have unscrewed all
screws but it still seems to be stuck on something) how can I reset
the BIOS password and is there a way of fixing my display problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!