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HI im hopeing someone can give me the answer to the problem im having with my first new build running ubuntu 9.10.The problem is i,ve installed the operating system but cannot get connected to my virgin broadband,do i need to put the mac address etc into the pc or should it automatically sense the settings?As its my first build im abit confused and would be grateful for some advice.The pc has a AS ROCK N68-s mobo AMD Sempron processor, 1GB ram & 40GB sata hard drive,i built it for under £100 using a few second hand parts.Went together easily apart from this issue im having,I have a old XP which i also run ubuntu alongside and when i boot that into ubuntu that connects ok so im assuming that carrys the settings over from windows xp,Any help or advise will be a great help to me & im sure someone knows the solution.
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  1. SOLVED needed ethernet connection checkbox unchecking at top of screen,thats what happens when one is not familiar with his operating system.Thanks anyway everyone
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