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Hi everyone, since the first time i have gotten my WD black 1TB hard drive (as a secondardy drive, i have a SSD boot drive) i have realized that whenever it is being used (IE when an antivirus is scanning it's files, copying files to it etc etc) It quite a bit of noise. I looked online and found several others are having this problem. Should I be concerned about noise? IS it like grinding up the drive to the point that it will fail? It sounds kind of like this SHould i be concerned? If so what course of action should i take? Thanks.
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  1. I would probably replace it if it's still under warranty, if not talk to a WD representative and ask them if it warrants concerns. I have one WD that does make a little noise and doesn't seek well but it runs just fine for me. I have a couple of other drives that makes the same noise but works just fine. I'd be more concerned with checking the S.M.A.R.T. settings and run some diagnostic tools on the drive to see if it's functioning well.

    But like i said, if it's still under warranty and can be replaced, i would just do that. Just make sure to back up any data off that drive!
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    Download the WDDiag tools from WD's site and run it against the drive. This sounds like a typical drive seeking/reading under load to me. I've had drives from maxtor, seagate, and hitachi, and samsung all sound like this when in heavy use. If it passes WDDiag and the drive's SMART values are all ok, then I think the drive will be fine.
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