Can i run hd 5770 or 4770 with 300w power supply

aidez moi svp
mon pc :
hp compaq
pentum 4 cpu 2.80GHZ 2.79GHZ , 2G ram
300w power supply 19A in 12V rail
thank you guys & sorry about my english
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  1. i would not attempt it, stick to an ATI 5670
  2. thank you man for the quick answer

    wich is better 5670 or 4670 or 9600gt
  3. the 5670 would be the better choice of the three because it offers DX11 and needs less power then the 9600GT. Performance wise they are close, the 9600GT tends to be a bit cheaper.

    The 4670 is the lesser performance card of the three.
  4. can this card (5670) run new games such as GTA 4 and crysis and specialy PES 2010
    on high setings & future games ?
  5. fx 3ds max said:
    can this card (5670) run new games such as GTA 4 and crysis and specialy PES 2010
    on high setings & future games ?

    that will depend on your Monitor

    With your PC, it can handle most games on medium @ 1440x900 . GTA IV and Crysis on low-medium. You need a CPU upgrade to get better performance.

    If you want better graphic options, you need to upgrade your PSU along with your CPU.
  6. my monitor is 17'

    thank you so much
  7. Yeah, your CPU is very weak for gaming by today's standards. It will be an issue in CPU intensive games like Crysis and definitely GTAIV.
  8. yeah but is my system can support those cards
  9. Yeah, they will work as long as you have a PCIEx16 slot. If your motherboard has an AGP slot instead then you should probably get an HD3650 or HD4650 instead.
  10. i have a pci ex 16 i can run 4770 & 5770 with 300w without any fair of blowing my pc or make it like fireworks exibition. hhhh
  11. No, I was referring to the cards ct recommended when I said they would work. I would avoid any card that requires a power connector with your current PSU. You would need a better processor for something like either of the two cards you are talking about to make sense anyway.
  12. how much it cost (5670) plz
  13. This would be a good choice if you are in the US;
    Keep in mind it will be limited by your processor in a lot of current games. I'm not sure you will see much advantage from that card compared to something a bit cheaper like the HD4670;
  14. so , hd 4670 would be the better choice according to my cpu
  15. actualy i'm not from us i'm from morocco
    1 mor question plz : what is the difference between saphire hd 4670 , xfx hd 4670, his hd 4670
  16. all the 4670 are the same, pick the one you like best
  17. I believe XFX does make a DDR2 version of the card which you want to avoid.
  18. yes. avoid DDR2,get the DDR3 version. 1GB vs 512mb RAM makes no difference in performance for that card.
  19. thank you all of you for your replays it helped me so much
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