Which PSU Would You Recommend: OCZ vs. Corsair

Between these two PSU's, which would you recommend. This computer will be doing cross fire eventually.



If you have experience with their costumer service or general build quality, that would be appreciated. And if they're quality is similar, I will probably just opt for the cheaper one.
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  1. Out of those two, the corsair, they make some of the best PSUs money can buy
  2. Corsair is the better brand and actually is more powerful than the OCZ! I run the Corsair CMPSU-850TX model and I couldn't be happier (unless I had the HZ version :D )

    As for the ability to Crossfire down the road, we need to know what your GPU is to determine if either are capable of running it in Crossfire. Neither will handle two 5850's or higher but both will handle 5770's or lower
  3. It would be two 5770s. I actually have the Corsair in my system, which I just built, and my friend wants me to build him a duplicate of my system, but he was wondering if he could save money somewhere. I figured that having a modular PSU might be a better route anyway since my PSU's extra power cords took up so much space in my system.
  4. You'll be fine with the OCZ with your two 5770's for your friend's build, if it helps cut your cost down for him.
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