Where can I buy case cables?

I have posted various questions on this forum about a compaq case that I found and want to mod.
The case itself comes with a ASKA connector for what I believe to be the power button, hdd led, and power led. I do not think the motherboard I purchased has this connector. Tell you the truth, I have never seen a ASKA cable.

Here are pictures of the cable.

Since I feel that I am not able to use this cable in any of the newer motherboards, where can I buy a wire for the power switch, power led, and harddrive led?
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  1. try www.frozencpu.com
  2. Hi, with a thin sharp object you can pry the pins of the cables out of the Aska block.
    Trace the individual wires back to their sources i.e Power button '+' and '-' and then link the connectors up to the correct pins on the motherboard.
    You dont need to but once you have the correct sequence of connectors sorted out you can buy a new plastic pin holder... Just put them back in the correct order for your motherboard.
  3. I tried frozencpu.com but it only had extension cables and a power switch. I would buy the power switch, but I would very much like a harddrive led as well.

    As for taking the pins out of the aska block, how will i know which one is positive and negative? there are no markings on it.

    Also, what is ASKA? I can not seem to find anything online that describes what it is. Not something I need to know, but I'm just curious.
  4. probably a brand or something
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