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I have a WD My Book Essential 2TB drive which decided to fail on me after ~4months of use (1.5TB later :cry:). Anyway, I was frustrated and pressed for time (why I didn't RMA it then and there) so I opened the enclosure to find a WD Caviar Green 2TB drive which I hooked up through a SATA connection. It immediately showed up as a questionable drive in Intel Rapid Storage.

I then installed the WD Lifeguard software which then told me the drive failed SMART testing. So then in my all-mighty-wisdom :fou: decided to zero-out the drive (took 8 hours). The drive then needed a MBR which went alright but now every time I try to format the drive, windows cannot.

Does anyone have any idea as to what to do next to get this thing back into a some-what usable drive (formatted with NTFS at least)? Also, do you think the drive is still warranty-able with the drive in this state (after it is put back into MyBookEssential state again)?


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  1. Once you took the thing apart, you voided the warranty, so it would be unethical at the very least to even try and get it accepted as an RMA. Plus odds are any service tech who isn't completely inept or new on the job, would be able to tell almost immediately that you opened the thing, and just kick it back.
  2. I don't really see the unethicality of it (besides the warranty stating that it is void if the product is opened) because I lost more than 1.5TB, not GB, of data due to their hard drive having bad sectors; data that can never be replaced (most defiantly worth more than the $150 or what ever that I payed for the drive).

    But anyway, does anyone else have any advice that they can provide me regarding helping me format this drive to a usable state (forget the RMA thing because I don't think that I will go through with claiming that anymore)?

  3. Have you tried using Windows Disk Management? I've noticed that sometimes that can fix iffy drives. I have had pretty bad luck with external drives (had 2 fail on me) right now i just use one as storage and leave it someplace where it won't get knocked around.
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