1055T vs the 1090T

hi im looking at these 2 cpu's and ive always been thinking i want whats better, but for the extra 50% in costs, i can't really tell what exactly makes the 1090t so much more special than the 1055t aside from the extra clockspeed. could anyone fill me in?
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  1. The 1090T has a higher clock speed an an unlocked multiplier to make it easier to overclock.
  2. ah gotcha. so say i wanted to overclock to around 4.0ghz, would it be worth the extra $$ for the unlocked multipliers or, in general, could the 1055t do it too, just with a little more hassle than the 1090t?

    i plan to budget up to 100 for cooling, if i'd need to spend any more than that to keep the cpu temps down, i'd probably just not oc as high.

    thx for the response :)
  3. They should both OC to the same level, but the 1055T is partly limited by your motherboard because you are raising the base clock which affects everything instead of just the CPU multiplier. You can get a good air cooler for like 40, you can get a great on for 80.
  4. ok thx for your help. i think ill settle with the 1055T then. i was thinking about pairing a megahalem heatsink with some scythe fans, but maybe thats just overkill... if it saves a few bucks i think ill just buy a couple cheap fans for about 20 and stick with stock for the rest; come to think of it i probably dont NEED as high as a 4.0ghz overclock lol.

    thx again.
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