HD 5870 Trouble with overclock.

I have one HD 5870 850/1200 and i'm trying to overclock.

I can overclock memory clocks without problem (1290), everything runs fine, but when i try overclock core (850+) speed doesn't matter what game i play, system crash.

Windows says the driver stoped work.

Anyone can help me?

System Specs: Asus PT6D Delux, I7 920 @ 3.8, HD 5870, PSU Corsair HX 1000w, 3x 2gb Corsair XMS @ 1600.

Thanks and sorry bad english.
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  1. What are software are you using to overclock the card and what speeds are you attempting?
  2. Are you overvolting because extra voltage is required to reach higher clocks.
  3. I believe they tend to get up to 900-950mhz just on stock voltage though.
  4. Doesn't matter what clock i try.
    I have tried with 875/890/900 on core with stock voltages, ever crash.
  5. you may simply have a card with no OC headroom. unfortunately they do exist.

    what temps are you hitting when you overclock? (download GPUz to log them)
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