Rosewill Challenger Case Right Panel Will Not Slide Off


I recently bought a Rosewill Challenger case ( and I've been trying to install my DVD drive into it. In order to do this, you have to remove both side panels (weird, I know) so that you can access both sides of the case's screwless drive bays.

The left panel has opened fine for me on several occasions - once the back screws are removed, it basically wants to slide off. However, when I remove the screws from the back of the right side panel, it's the exact opposite. I have pulled and pried the right panel in every direction, but it is not coming off; it almost feels like it's soldered onto the rest of the case.

Does anyone have any helpful ideas for removing the right side panel of the Rosewill Challenger case? Or have I received a defective model? Like I said, the right side panel MUST come off, because this is the only way to install CD/DVD drives.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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  1. Hello grussellhill;
    Other owners talk about that case in the NewEgg customer reviews.
    Some are saying it's easy, some are saying it's hard.

    Why don't you go review the comments and look for clues. Set the Filter Results to 100 results per page. (don't use the NewEgg search - it will take longer than using your web browser to search)
    The use your web brower's menu options Edit-Find or Edit-Find on this page and search on remove or panel or right... and see if you can get any clues on how its done. Also check some of the other comments for useful tidbits as well.
  2. Yep, I've read over those reviews more times than I want to admit. It's thanks to them that I actually bought the case in the first place. For its price, it seemed like a very dependable product.

    There are two notable reviews that mention the side panels being difficult to remove, but my problem seems like a whole different ballgame. It's not just difficult, it's impossible. I'm wondering if one of the metal latches that secures the right panel to the rest of the case is bent or something.
  3. I think you've done all the due diligence trying to work the problem out.
    It's time to get on the phone with NewEgg and see if they can't help you out.
    Let them know everything you've tried.

    Did you notice any sign of damage to the shipping case (which you still have, I hope?)
  4. this was in one of the reviews:
    "The case is an absolute NIGHTMARE to take apart. For a second I thought they welded the thing together. But you manage!"
  5. I just bought the case myself, and I took it apart without issue, the right side has the same latch setup as the left, however the box mine came in had nearly no protection for the case and, having worked retail for 5 years, I've seen the abuse UPS drivers tend to give their packages (our store had to call in a complaint for several hundred dollars of CDs being smashed on delivery, twice.) In all likelihood one of the latches was bent during shipping like you said. The problem isn't inherent to the design of the case though.
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