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So, I was building my first PC, and, apparently, despite the months of research that I had done prior to building (or, perhaps in my sheer excitement to get the build done) I neglected the use of brass standoffs to insulate the mobo from the case. That would explain the spark and burnt chemical smell I witnessed coming up from my case when I pressed the power button, LOL. From what I've read, this is a fairly common mistake among first-time builders, but it's still a little demoralizing. On the upside, I guess it means all the connections and the PSU were working...

So, I am 100% certain my mobo is fried. Okay, it was a $79 model; no problem replacing it. Here's my question -- beyond obviously replacing my mobo, should I re-install my CPU, RAM sticks and graphics card in the new mobo, to see if they still work? I mean, I know there's a possibility that they were damaged in the short, but I won't know for sure unless I try to use those components in a new mobo set-up, right?

Any advice on the next steps to take to try to salvage the parts that might still be working and to isolate what works and what doesn't would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Take out the mobo and look at it on both sides.

    You can take out the PSU as well and jumpstart it.

    Only connect the power cable and start the PSU after you inserted the wire and don't touch it while under power.

    Most likely your CPU/RAM, etc are fine.
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