Xfx hd 4890

i was wandering if its posible to overclock my xfx 4890. i see people with 900/4000....jeez i cant even get it past 855/100 without it freezing the pc and i just replace myati hd 4870 and this 4890 with a gig of mam seems slower i am clueless. 4870 only has 512 wats up with that???

my specs......vista 32
cre 2 duo e4400 2.0
3 gigs ram
650 bfg psu
ati xfx hd 4890 1gig
please someone help m,e if u can...please!!!!!!
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  1. i would over clock your CPU first

    OC your ATI 4890 will not improve your game performance.
  2. Yeah, it's certainly your CPU that is holding you back. You need to OC that thing a lot(not that hard to do) or get a better processor(tell us your motherboard model if you'd prefer that option.) You wont see any real advantage from your new card until you do so.
  3. I agree with both of them:)

    Your CPU is holding you back. A 3+ Ghz OC will give you a very nice boost!
    OCing your card won't until your CPU is powerful enough to drive that card to its full potential.
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