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I plan on building a computer (800$ - 1,000$) here in the coming months. I feel it's too soon to post about it, since i don't know exactly when i will be building or how much I will make between now and when I plan to build. But, I do have one question.

I know exactly which parts i want, and so if i see any good deals i'm going to wanna take advantage of them...
I've found several good deals on Ebay, and i wanted to ask the experts (meaning you guys) if you would feel comfortable buying parts from ebay. I can go newegg, but since i live in Tennessee, i have to pay tax.

Here's an example of something i would buy on Ebay:

Here's another example of something i would love to buy, but am a bit skeptical...

would you guys consider these.. "Safe" Because paying 110$ for that board compared to 117 + tax on newegg would help me build this thing sooner.
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    As with all eBay purchases... Buyer beware as you never know what you are getting or how the original user used them. For example, you can purchase a CPU off eBay where the OP says only used for a few days and like new condition. What you don't know is the OP used it for two days of L2N benchmarking with the CPU, so it has been under heay stress.

    I would just make sure you do plenty of research on who you plan to purchase from to see what other customers have said about them. If they have a negative rating, than don't buy from them. If they have a very positive rating, than you might be lucky with the purchase.
  2. Sounds like it's pretty hit or miss.. Great :P

    Also, are there any sites you can easily recommend other than newegg, since I do have to pay taxes and all? Of course, Amazon and Tigerdirect, but is ZipZoomFly any good? What about that "Provantage" or "Ewiz" i think it's called...
  3. Sometimes good deals on but their site is not easy to navigate.
  4. I would recommend both EWiz and ZipZoomFly as online sites. Also, you have Microcenter to purchase from online (Just a short 5 hour drive from some parts in Tenn to the Cincy store for in-store savings).
  5. Yea i forgot about MicroCenter's online part, good idea... And yea, i wish it wasn't a 5hr drive from here or i would go there.) Thanks for the advice about EWiz and ZZF, i didn't know if they were any good or not.

    Also, charges me Tax as well (that's what sucks about being in TN, because Memphis have their FedEX and UPS hubs there..)
  6. Hmm, as for eBay, and the particular item in question: look in the upper right corner and see "Feedback Score Of 197, with 100% Positive feedback" I would make on offer - this seller is protecting his reputation. Anything under 98 percent, with less than 50 people giving feedback (the score), then I would be suspicious. Also, if there are shoddy pictures, and vague descriptions, then also be suspicious.

    As for Micro Center - is Atlanta closer? There is a store in Marietta about an hour from Chattanooga.
  7. I actually bought my i5 750, my ATI 5850 and RAM from ebay.

    Like others said, just do some research on who you buy from.
    Of those items the only thing that was crap was the RAM - but then I knew that was a risk as it is not a proper brand (and nor did he claim it to be anything other than what it was) in fact I RMA'd twice and then got a refund. The product may have been poor but the customer service was flawless.

    Often a decent seller will give plenty of detail, the guy I bought the CPU from said how long he had it, also stated what sort of use it had seen and had lots of positive feedback
  8. Thanks for all the help guys, i appreciate it.

    Eloric, i checked the map and the site, and that microcenter in Marietta is about 4hrs from where i live, so there would have to be some GREAT deals down there. But, those are deals i'll have to find later, when i get ready to buy.
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