Not sure what's "DEAD" MB or Drives or Power

Hey All, I have a gigabyte GA-x48-DQ6 motherboard and two storage devices that won't light up or show any signs of life I changed HD's I checked bios and made all default I'm not sure what to replace MB or Power supply , 2-drives CD-dvdand cd-rw! could it be both storage drives died or part of MB or did the power supply partially died :pt1cable:

right now I'm using a USB cd-drive to use !
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  1. mosox said:

    What does that have to do with me ! I've had this board for over 1-1/2 years !
    I ran a test because at one time the cd-dvd drives didn't appear in device and I repaired windows and then they appeared again now they don't appear at all I'm worried that maybe the MB went !

    not sure ! I did have HD problems because I ran the seagate utility and it said it had problems and I just purchased a New HD and I'm waiting for it to come but in the mean time I hooked up a 2.5 HD and installed windows and still no storage drive show up or work

    So how can I figure what's DEAD ?
  2. this place sucks ! I found the answer by testing the power ribbons and found a string was dead NO THANKS TO THIS *** ass place you assholes coundn't answer sqaut all you did was put up a useless link to your own lifeless place
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