1000$ gaming build for me

I'd like to have this monitor:

I want to overclock and have max two cards
I was thinking at AMD, as they seem to have the best price/performance ratio.
I was also considering a 5750 or a 5770.
Minimum 3 cores
My purpose are mainly gaming (FPS, GTA, etc.) & web browsing
Maximal budget is 1200$CA (I live in canada)
I may wait if it worths it, but the sooner, the better

Thanks for futher help & reading.
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  1. Well...
  2. MAZWANTGUN said:
    Use this to ask for building advice: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261222-31-build-advice

  3. Ugly but efficient and easy to read.

    I would throw away the 5750 idea. I would also get rid of the 5770 and get one 5850
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