Looking for a laptop under $1500

i am looking for a laptop under $1500, i don't car if it is mac, dell or something else, just something that can play most modern games without slowing down ( i won't necessarily be playing with the graphics all the way up) i will be using this going into college. So it will need to be able to handle minor graphic design programs. I would also like it to be 15" and up.

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  1. The best laptop graphics processor is the 5870m.

    This laptop is pretty beast..... MSI GX740 with i7 and 5870 doesn't get much better IMO.
  2. I do NOT advice you to buy a Macbook for gaming + school...

    I bought one at the start of this school year (Macbook Pro, 13 inch, 2,53 Ghz)
    Pro's: Mac OS X = da max, I really like it

    Con's: Everything else.
    Hardware sucks, I can barely play any decent game on low settings + Massive heat generation.
    (those laptops are made out of 1 piece of aluminium, there is no airflow at all, almost no cooling, mostly I could bake an egg on the bottom of my laptop...)

    The only reason you buy a macbook in my opinion is for Mac OS X + the looks.
    I regret buying mine, since for gaming and performance in general, I could have got a MUCH more powerfull laptop for less money... (I paid 1500 for my macbook)

    So I just want to say: for gaming: Macbook pro is a nono
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