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My computer has been running fine for the past few weeks since I reinstalled my windows 7 ultimate, and yesterday in the middle of a game of SCII my computer crashed. After some dinking around with it and what not I came to the conclusion that something was wrong with my video card drivers.
Heres the problem: When my computer boots normally it runs fine until i log in at which point the monitor flashes several times, i get a glimpse of the desktop in between and then, it BSOD's, at first i thought maybe it was a virus so i ran a few different scans and nothing turned up, so i decided to uninstall the drivers for my video card at which point, well, it booted fine without being in safe mode. Shortly after my computer restarted to get something running properly, the problem occurred again. As I had not installed the drivers for my video card again, I assume it was the PnP drivers that still werent working. Help? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64x, 4 gigs of ram, and I have a GeForce 8800.
would the easiest thing to do be just reinstall my os?
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  1. Yes, the easiest ways is re-install OS...
    What about your PSU? brand? model?
    Make sure your card and cable are properly inserted.
  2. The easiest thing would be to read what the message on the BSOD page was and google teh error code to find out what teh issue is.
    If you need to set the screen to stay there so you can see it then you need to go to Start- My computer- right click. Then click on properties and go to advanced and under the start up and recovery section click on settings and untick the box for inediate restart.

  3. Well, i ended up getting the driver problem fixed after so more messing around with it, yet now I have run into a different problem. My monitor has a 2" border on all sides and the video card is registering as a Nvidia GeForce7100/Nvidia nforce 630
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