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I currently have a 9600GT and it idles at around 40 degrees but when I play crysis on it the temp goes up all the way to 58 degrees. I use SpeedFan to measure temp and it shows a little "flame" symbol next to gpu when its over 50 degrees. Is it safe to be running my card at this temperature??? its an XFX 9600gt 512mb

also, my cpu goes up to 47-50 degrees under load (i7 860) is that ok or do I have to keep it cooler???

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  1. Your temperatures are fine, no need to worry.
  2. idles at 40c and load at 60c is normal for a 9600GT, my card had the same temps

    also, your CPU temps are fine
  3. LOL your temps are very good nothing to worry about mate!
  4. Your temps are normal... Don't worry about that. :)
  5. Your temps are actually pretty good. This is a link to NVIDIA's site showing upper GPU temps and all other specs for the 9600 gt. http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_9600gt_us.html
    It states 105 celcius is max. I had the same worries when I noticed my nvidia card at close to 100 during hard gaming. Found out this is common without major cooling upgrade.
  6. I was playing shift today for about 2 hours and the game froze, my screen went blank and computer restarted. when windows loaded everything was fine but i dont understand why it happened. I played crysis for hours on this card and I had no problems.

    This is my psu:

    any ideas why this happened? I dont think it is power since 700w should be enough for my pc. the card was overclocked by about 20mhz.

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