Memory Timing Question Please Help

Hello i have a question.
Currently i have a Intel mother board with a g33 chip set
Processor q9300 quad core at 2.5ghz and 2 320gb(HDD) and
nvidia 512mb 9800gt.

My main question is this i recently added 6gb of memory pc 6400 800mzh memory timing 5-5-5-15.
I wanted to add 8gb of memory but the memory stick has a timing of 6-6-6-12.

when i installed it my computer said i had 8gb and ran fine but the memory timing was now running at 5-6-6-18.
I wanted to know will this cause any damage or cause the computer to preform slow? Or am i better off just keeping the 6gb of memory in my system.?

Please let me know
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  1. No problem, the RAM will downgrade to the slowest timings present. It's not a noticeable difference anyway, 1 millisecond.
  2. Thanks, Ill put that extra stick of ram back in there then.
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