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if anyone can help with my problems. it seem ever since i bought crucial 120 SSD, i have been experiencing a lot of out of memory problems & a few of bsod. I'm using windows 7 x64 with 8 gig memory. i then upgraded to 16 gig & it seem less out of memory problems. but still it happen once in a while.
this never happen when i was using my old mechanical drive. so any idea i can follow through to fix this problem ? thinking of upgrading to 32 gig memory.

thx in advance :D
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  1. you had "out of memory" problems with 8GB? you doing anything specificly memory hungry? you shoul dnot be experiencing that and its probably not related to your SSD.

    When you upgraded to 16GB... is the new mem matched with the initial 8GB?

    I think you have a fundamental problem... upgrading to 32GB will not solve.

    Have you done mem tests? run the test for a long time with multiple passes? how did that go?

    Post back with more details.
  2. thx for the fast reply. did run mem test & passed ok. gosh almost forgot about the new 8 gig memory. thou it's from the same brand (gskill), i think it have different speed. one is 10666 & the other is 12800. can this be the cause of the problems ?
    if so i will get new 8 gig with the same speed & timing.
    is there any different between memory stick 2x4(8gig) vs single stick (1x8) ?

    thx Yoji !!
  3. changed the memory with the same speed & timing. all work good now. thx ! :sol:
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