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I am running Windows 7 with an ATI HD 4890.
My monitor is capable of a resolution of 2048x1536

on my desktop settings i can reach my max resolution but in any game i play i am limited to 1600x1200
does anyone have the same problem?
is there a fix for this?
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  1. What do you mean "limited to" and "reach maximum resolution"? You should just set the resolution under

    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution

    and inside the individual games' options.
  2. on my desktop i can reach my maximum monitor res. of 2048x1536
    but when i load any game i am limited to a maximum of 1600x1200 res.
  3. Which monitor do you have?
  4. its a CRT monitor? what does that have to do with anything?
    if i am able to reach a high resolution on my desktop settings why cant i enable the same resolution in a game?
  5. 2048x1536 is not a LCD resolution and back in the day when most games supported fullscreen resolutions (BF1942) they don't support that high of a resolution.

    Bottom line-Many games do not support that resolution.

    You should be able to get 1920x1200 though.
  6. it is not an lcd it is a crt the games i play all support 2048x1536 res.
    i know because i can play them on that res. on win xp pro x64 edition...
    the desktop res. on my win7 rig can go up to 2048x1536 but ANY not some or a few but ANY game will run at a max of 1600x1200 i can not get ANY game to run higher than 1600x1200 which does not make sense because my desktop res can go up to
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    Most likely you do not have the exact monitor profile loaded and using a generic instead.


    Your monitors native resolution is 1600x1200 but can interpolate down the higher res signal. Most CRT's did this In my limited experience Win7 won't let you go over your monitors native resolution.

    Is that A viewsonic 21" perfect flat by any chance?
  8. and btw, 1900x1200 is not a 4:3 resolution and so you wouldn't have that available.
  9. no it is a OPTIM OP901 19in CRT its about 6 years old it is an excellent monitor. but cant find any real info on the monitor or company.

    it can reach 2048x1536 with win xp pro x64 and x32. with no tweaking.
    (tweaking as in display properties and unhiding all view modes)
    so it can hit 2048x1536 native i think
    its listed that the max res is 1600x1200 but it always shows me the option to go to 2048x1536.

    what you said about the generic driver in win7 makes sense but how can i go about fixing the problem because win 7 shows the option for the highest res in the display properties and i can select it.
    but i can not select it in any game.
  10. 19" Color Display Monitors

    Package:RETAIL Part#: OPM-OP901 Manufacturer URL: NA Specification 18" Viewable area 1600x1200 Max. resolution 30-90 KHz Multi- scan Multi-language users control Low radiation Plug and play compatible

    found this at the bottom of the page, looks like the native resolution is 1600x1200
  11. check with any company, 19" crt monitors of good quality have a max native resolution of 1600x1200, that is why you are limited in win7, XP has an option to change resolution to the max your video card support. This is not true resolution and therefore is not native, limit is 1600x1200, and I believe this is what you need =
  12. Thanks for the help everyone.
    i guess i am stuck @ 1600x1200 till i downgrade to a lcd monitor...
    at least i will have a higher res. but i will sure as hell miss my color and clarity. lcd's just cant compete with a good ol CRT.
    i might go back to XP but then i miss out on DX11 so i guess ill choose the lesser of two evils.
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  14. I said the same thing, that My 21" CRT @ 1600x1200 was way better then any LCD, then I got lucky and a year ago got a 24" Widescreen LCD for less then $200, this sucker has 1920x1200 native resolution. I said well let's see what this looks like, well let's just say I gave my brother the 21" CRT and I changed all CRT's to LCD's after that. I am impressed with the clarity and the games, OMG, run like amazing maxed out..... drool,,,, LOL
  15. yeah i got rid of mine after i upgraded to an acer H233H GREAT monitor. its brighter which helps but i still say you cant beat a CRT in terms of overall quality
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