Maxtor Central Axis (NAS) detection problem

I have a Maxtor Central Axis storage device (made for a networked environment). I have used this device for the last few years in my network work environment - no problems. I recently brought it home - need to access files while working at home - this is where problems begin. I attached the Maxtor to my verizon wireless router ethernet port - and ran the maxtor software - the software cannot find the device. I reinstalled the software - rebooted the computer and reran the software - still no detection of device. I reset the Maxtor - rebooted the router - reboot the computer - ran the software - still no detection of device.

I next connected the Maxtor directly to my ethernet port on my computer - I went out an bought a crossover cable for this connection (apparently didn't need to because the existing Maxtor cable is 2 way). When the Maxtor is connected to my computer I keep getting the "limited of no connectivity" status report on my network connection. I have clicked on the properties of the network connection and it gives me an IP address When i put this ip address in my explorer browser - it takes me to my own computer (a files window showing all of my printer drives - not sure why). I have done the ipconfig and it shows the ip address above as the ethernet network connection.

I need to access the Maxtor (don't care if directly form my computer or connected to my router) but for some reason - the MAxtor is not being detected by my computer or my router.

I have also tried making my computer Internet Connection Setting based on previous post I read suggesting that action - that did not work either - or maybe I didn't do it correctly.

I have tried to ping the Maxtor device when directly connected to my computer through the ethernet wire - using the Net ID on the bottom (MCA-xxxxx) but the results come back not found -

Really need the files - all help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. TIA
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  1. bueller?? bueller?? any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Does it work if you bring it back in your work location? Is your router a DHCP server? Connecting the Maxtor directly to your PC won't work unless your PC also is a DHCP server (software is required and the PC would need a static IP address).
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