HD radeon 5770 vs the 5750

In one of my previous posts i was asking around to see if i can use the HDradeon 5750 XFX:

My friend told me that the 5750 would be a bit weak so he suggested that i should get the 5770 instead:

Ive seen that the 5770 card is one inch longer than that 5750 (which was told to me that it would fit).

But since the 5770 is one inch longer do you guys think that it will still fit inside this motherboard? (scroll down half way that page and you will see a diagram of my mobo):

Please give me your thoughts on this guys!!11!1

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  1. it will fit
  2. alright. thanks, anyone else?
  3. its not the motherboard you need to worry about. you know how a computer works?

    it just needs to be able to fit into your case.
  4. Yeah, as long as your motherboard has a PCIEx16 it can use pretty much any current card. The better questions are whether it will fit in the case(likely, it's not that big) and whether your power supply can handle it.
    As for what card you should get in general it depends on your general system specs, your monitor's native resolution and your budget.
  5. Since HD5770 price is not far from HD5750 then i would say grab HD5770... :)
  6. My full system specs:

    I already upgraded my power supply to a 500w unit, so i think im good there. I know that i also have to worry about the case, but why i ask is that if you look at the diagram, the pciex16 slot is almost in front of the ram slots, so i was asking if the card were to touch one of the banks/actual memory modules, would my system still work?

    Oh, and is socket am2+ an actual different and socket than am2, or does am2+ just mean socket am2 and higher (am3)?

    How do i find my monitor's native resolution?
  7. 18.5 inches diagonally (one corner to the other one).

    I found this am2 processor (dual core at 3.0 ghz:

    Do you think that that processor wil be compatible and is it any good?
  8. Which one do you recommend? 5750 or the 5770?

    I found this one:

    Not exactly 3.0 ghz but at 2.9ghz (i figured 100 mhz wouldnt make a noticeable difference).
  9. So if i get the 5770 and new processor it will last me longer in the long run.


    If i just get the 5750 (without the processsor) it will run good, but it will last me shorter in the long run?

    So that is the two scenarios right? <- plz confirm cuz i dont want to get it wrong. (im very hesitant with money)
  10. if i get the 5770 then it will block the sata ports you said (and southbridge)?
  11. I will think that i should just get the 5750 XFX card. Ive been reading its reviews and they say that it runs crysis preety well (mediaum - high at 30+ fps). Crysis is such a highend game that even at medium to low settings look like reality!
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