BIOS won't recognize SSD anymore

So my friend got a new computer a while back, with an SSD and a regular harddrive but he forgot to order SATA cables for the harddrive so he just installed windows 7 and WoW on the SSD..

But I found an SATA cable in my room, So I went over to him and plugged it in, And now BIOS recognizes the regular harddrive but not the SSD.. Tried unplugging the SATA drive and still nothing..

He unplugged and plugged everything back in, still nothing..

I told him to remove the CMOS battery for 20 sec and then insert it again, But that's a last resort because he has to remove the graphics card to be able to remove the CMOS..

Any ideas?

Enabling AHCII doesn't do anything..

Edit: Oh and he did install windows on the SSD when it was in IDE instead of AHCII
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  1. Didn't swap the cables, Just plugged in his harddrive to the sata port on the Mobo, Im not sure if the PSU was off but it was unplugged.. I just went there for 5 minutes to plug in the harddrive after I got off work
  2. Strange, It wont let me edit posts..

    Mobo is ASRock P67 Pro3 REV B3

    SSD was plugged in to the blue SATA port, And I plugged in the harddrive to the other blue port then switched to the white port when it didn't recognize it, Then I went home
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