What full tower case do you reccomend

so far i like the thermaltake element V black editions what do you all think
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  1. what do you reccomend

    WR2 said:
    Element V got a good review @ Hardware Secrets.
    TechPowerUp wasn't quite as impressed with the Element V.

    THG gave it a 'thumbs up' over some stiff competition.
  2. A case is a far too personal preference to make that kind of recommendation - unless some case has a flaw that keeps it from doing it's job.
    Otherwise any case you 'like', and don't mind paying the price (and of course does what a case is supposed to do) is a good case for you.
    IMO a case is not a 'go fast' part and it's one area you can save some money to get a better 'go fast' part, like a better CPU cooler.
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