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I've purchased the ATI Radion HD 5970 sapphire with Crossfire enabled. I have been told the official specs for heat is 34c idle and 80c max load. Though I can easily get up to 100c letting the fans auto cool and also by placing the fans on 100% manual. I'm using CC 10.4

I use these cards both for work and gaming. Any idea if ATI is giving us the wrong information of how hot these cards should really be running? Or is there a chance that the sensors are reading incorrectly?

Images here.
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  1. Make sure you have good airflow inside your case.
    Do you mean you have 2x HD5970 inside the case?
    which sapphire version?
  2. wierd question.....

    did u tried cleaning the system and check if the fan on it is working properly let the cpu be in the open place for airflow......

    give a shot...
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