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Hello Guys,

I am in the dilemma of choosing Intel or AMD
right now my budget is around $310 that amounts to 14,500 INR with Taxes inlcuded

I need a PC for my brother with HTPC capability and bit of gaming as well like DMC4, Crysis Warhead on a minimum setting.

my choices went for AMD as it offers better IGP in MB's but brute force is on intel side e7400

one more thing is it better to have sideport memory or not in gaming MB which are offered by 785 series
should I go for DDR3 or DDR2 in RAM as there will be a difference of 10% in them.

need a lot of suggestion help me out guys

Thanks and Regards
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  1. You have 2 options really:

    AMD Athlon II X2 + AM3 785/790/etc.


    Intel Core i3-530 + H55 Motherboard (These new i3 chips have the GPU built into them.

    Both are great for displaying HD content in a HTPC situation, however gaming will be very limited.

    DDR3 RAM is the same price as DDR2 RAM now, plus DDR2 RAM is outdated and if you follow either of the paths I listed above, DDR3 is required.
  2. At your budget something like a Biostar A785G, best u can go is 1024 x 768 low really DDR3 as the sun has gone down on DDR2 platforms ^^
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