Reasonable budget . .. needed in about a week please help

Hi all . .. .I wanted to build a new PC Which has to have an i5 . . atleast 3 gigs of ram . .and a motherboard with usb 3.0 atleast . .I am also thinking of buying an ssd . . .it might be used for gaming upto a certain extent but not too much . . .I was just hoping that you guyz could recommend me some good parts for my PC and a power supply too . . .like which model of the i5 to buy which mobo and what type of memory should i get help would be highly appreciated .. . I already have a 40 inch LCD of Samsung which I use and a casing aswell the ASUS vento 7700 Dont need a mouse or keyboard or headphones either . . .. I wont be using any sites and buying the stuff from the markets directly .. .. since i live in Pakistan the sites wont deliver anyway . . .. the budget isnt really restricted but i need the pc to last for atleast 3 years.. .. one more thing i already have a HD4870 but its giving some problems like when it heats up it starts to show lines on the monitor .. . should i buy a new GPU or use the 4870 and buy cooling for it I wont be overclocking it :hello:
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