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I have 6 Harddrives on my computer that I wish not to touch. 4 are external (B:-J:-K:-L:). 2 are internal (C: & G:).

I have been using the older updated versions of Killdisk and the new version I am contemplating at this time.

I have at lease 4 Harddrives sitting on my desk that needs to be wiped clean. They became unusable due to corruption, possible trojan’s, and a Windows 7 security update, also the backup didn't work . I spent days re-installing Windows 7 premium on 3 new Harddrives as well as my applications. Needless to say my newest C: drive is a 1tb. harddrive which I had been saving for future use.

I used to disconnect all my harddrives except my (C:) drive prier to wiping and I was wondering if this was necessary. I have thousands of photos and slideshows I created and am fearful of losing them, although I have backed them up. (Some on disks).

When I disconnect my Harddrives previous to a wipe and com back later I noticed my harddrives had changed their letters. Instead of (H) I got a (P:) etc. That it why I am leery on wiping with the drives still connected.

Sorry about the long explanation, can you help me on this situation? Frank!
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