Razer Goliathus vs Kabuto mouse pad?

Hey everyone,

I have a Microsoft X5 gaming mouse and am currently using it on a damaged, bumpy, solid, uneven wooden desk and I am in dire need of a mouse pad. I am considering either the Razer Goliathus or Razer Kabuto as budget mouse pads ($29 and $33 AUD respectively) but I'm open to anything.

Its a shame there is no "Gaming" section in the forums...

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  1. Err no one really debates, reviews or really uses mouse pads these days.

    You could just grab random large hardcover book, (preferably one that's as think as possible)^^
  2. I beg to differ and I came across several reviews and comments by accident when searching for my mouse but I cannot seem to find them again...

    I know for sure that I should invest in a mouse mat and the difference between the two I suggested is that the Goliathus is 2.3mm thick and the Kabuto is only 1.2mm thick.

    I think I will try out the Goliathus...
  3. yer get the RAZER "banthracis" is a dumbarse a mouse pad is world of difference compare to a hard cover book,
    I got the razer mantis control i can tell you its AWSOME SO PRECISE, i suggest u get the goliathus control version, but sure ur mouse is over 2000dpi ^.^
  4. I do agree that if you've got a gaming mouse, you should get at least a cheap pad.

    If you go Goliathus, the difference between the speed and control versions is not what the naming suggests. The control version actually reflects more (can't remember how Razer said it) so the mouse actually moves FASTER (across the screen, not the pad). Also, speed is apparently a bit "sticky" and the control is sort of coarse.
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