HDD not detected

I have a SSD with my OS on it and i have an HDD in the computer but its not showing up on My Computer

ide like to save things there.

On Computer Managment> storage> Disk Managment

all i see is the following:

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  1. check if the HDD is detected in the bios before checking windows.
  2. IF you mean CMOS in the BIOS then nope all there is, is the SSD and CD/DVD drive
  3. if its not being detected in the bios, then the plugs are not corrected correctly/broken or the HDD is dead.
  4. shouldnt i like click on of them things to try find it and mount it ?
  5. i'd try pluging the sata power and sata cord into a different slot
  6. removed the sata cord and put it back in and it works :D
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