8800GT arthifacts

I own a leadtek 8800GT . I was surfing the net and on the monitor it started to show horizontal lines all over the screen. I had this problem before but then the card was in warranty and they fixed it ( didn't replace it)
The arthifacts apear since PC boot . In device manager it shows the card with a " ! " sign , and the resolution is 800x600 and can't change it , in Change Resolution menu ( i run win7 ultimate 64 ) it shows that there's no video adapter detected.
Is there a way to fix it on my own?
Thanks for help in advance ! :)
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  1. Did you install the driver for your 8800GT??
    If you didn't then install it first...
    How about your PSU? brand? model?
  2. The driver i use is the latest , and PSU is a 500W no name ( came with the case ).
  3. Did you attached the additional power connector?
  4. test your hardware
  5. I have this video card for 2 years now so yeah , i use the power connector , as for the hardware everything looks fine as it works nicely with another video card...witch shows that the video card is the problem.
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