Intel dg41rq lan problem

I am using 50 Intel DG41RQ Motherbaord with Processor E7400 and 2GB Zion Memory.The problem is when I install windowsXP SP2 and UBUNTU 9.04 the network adapter is showing in windows Xp and when i log into UBUNTU and then into windows XP the network adapter is dissappers from device manager I tried all the troubleshooting methods but I cant get the network adaptor.
1.reinstalled drivers
2.updated the latest bios version
3.reinstall windows and UBUNTU
still it does not appear pls help me my email id is " "

pls help me
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  1. Are Windows and Linux on different machines?? It almost sound like one may be a VM hosted by the other.

    I've never seen a network adapter literally disappear from device manager. Or how that could happen merely by logging into Linux. That's a new one for me. Can you post a before and after picture?
  2. I had the same problem, but with a live linux cd (knoppix). I dont know why Linux "deactivate" the Realtek LAN. To solve this trouble, I updated the BIOS version and then I reseted the BIOS (via jumper in MB). When I did this, XP shows me the LAN. But, unfortunately, I didnt load linux after XP recognize the LAN.

    Hope this help.

  3. Why dont you installl MAcOSX its totally compatible with DG 41RQ I installed iAtkos 10,5,7 and it works flawlessly i also added a GeFORCE 8400GS 512Mb and i got Quartz extreme and the LAn has never bothered ever since
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