Switching from X58A-UD7 to MSI Big Bang Xpower

Hi guys, so I am switching as stated above for graphics cards slot reasons.. take a single look at the PCI slot position and spacing on the UD7 and you will see why, anyone trying to run an SLI system with that motherboard on air cooling is headed for hot trouble interms of temperatures. The 2 cards have to sit on top of each other.

Anyway with this new motherboard I am going to be getting much wider spacing between my 2 cards, and thats all it needs as I have tested in a friends computer the spacing with my 2 cards : ) From full loads being at over 97c to dropping down to about 70-80c clearly shows me that more spacing was all they needed (obviously)

But in terms of the motherboard its self, what are your thoughts? Yes I COULD of got an Asus Rampage III Extreme but decided against it for 2 reasons, 1 this board was a little cheaper and 2 I just preferred the feature set on this one. I don't think the Asus Rampage offers TO MUCH advantage over this board unless of course I choose to go watercooling and wish to overclock my via Iphone, which I will do via the controller I get with the board anyway)

But yeah, other then the reasons I bought this motherboards, what are your thoughts on it? A good upgrade? A small upgrade but the benefit makes up for it? A terrible upgrade? Let me know.

Thanks guys, I have read the GURU3D Review and they loved it and also the Hardocp and numerous other forums. But again, I want to know the masses opinion : )
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  1. If you got the money then do whatever makes you happy. The differences are trivial.
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