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I posted this previously but didn't get too many responses and people seem to stop responding once there is already a response on a topic...any help with what I have said below is greatly appreciated but more than anything, I would like if anyone has anything to say on the video card, as the negative reviews are worrying me a lot before I make my purchase:

If you haven't seen any of my previous posts...I basically want as good of a gaming system as I can get for $1300 at the VERY most. My main usage will be WoW (World of Warcraft) and probably Diablo 3 in the future. I want something that can last me a solid 2-3+ years without going downhill. I don't know a whole lot of about 'technical' computer stuff and the different parts so its hard for me to compare to know what to go for. It seems like every time I get close to settling on one brand or type of product, someone else comes in and says 'No, go with this' instead haha.

From what I gathered, going with a 5870 video card is the way to go if I can fit it into my budget. With that said, I don't want to sacrifice in other areas just to be able to get the 5870 if the lesser quality other parts will affect my gaming performance. I want to be able to play WoW on full settings and full fps/no lag in 25 man raids if at all possible (right now, I'm raiding on my laptop and getting 15 fps and its beyond awful).

Here is a build that someone else suggested that I thought may be good:

Here are the links to the items individually:




Power Supply (PSU):


Hard Drive / Case Combo Deal:

Video Card / Processor Combo Deal:
The operating system, I will probably try to find a friend still in college and have him help me out with one of those special deals for windows 7.

I would like some help in evaluating this build..if there is anything I can do better/replace for better value/better product, etc.

Couple of things I have come across while looking at these products:

The MoBo: Just from doing research here, I learned what exactly Crossfire/SLI is as well as overclocking. From what I understand, this motherboard is not capable of having crossfire/sli, however, with getting a 5870 and for what I need it for, would I ever really need to add an additional video card? And in terms of overclocking, from what I gather, it is pushing your system a little past what it is meant for? Is this something I should even worry about, aka, is it something that I'd have to do on my own or something that just happens? Again, I don't know much about technical computer stuff.

The Case: I like the way it looks and it got pretty good reviews, however, somewhere along the way of doing my research on this site, someone said they didn't recommend it because it didn't have dust filters or something like that..any thoughts on that?

NOW the BIG thing...the Video Card / Processor Combo: the price is decent for both in a combo, but obviously its the most expensive thing I am purchasing...the reviews on the video card are seems a lot of people are having the same BIOS (not sure what that stands for?) issue with video playback and 3d or something. People say its good for gaming, although one person said it messes up with 3d WoW graphics, but everyone else said it was great for gaming but messed up on video playback. So yea...I'm not really sure what to think about this...but if I am going to be spending this much money on something, I want to make sure I am getting a quality product. I know there are a bunch of other 5870's (I don't really know what the differences are) but they all seem to either be quite a bit more expensive or don't have very many reviews. One I found that would only be like $25 more is: but there is only 2 reviews on it so far.

Any and all help is VERY much appreciated from someone who wants a good gaming computer without really knowing much about how to go about getting it haha. Thanks :-)

EDIT: Had to make the links work, for some reason when you copy and paste them from newegg to here, they shorten them, and then you can't copy the shortened links.
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  1. The UD4 is a xfire mobo. You can run 2 5870's on it fine.

    Overclocking is a cheap and easy way to improve performance for no extra cost. Just voids warranty.

    I'd change the PSU to the 750tx which is only $10 more.

    You can also grab a $20 Optical. Any SATA burner is pretty much indistinguishable from another these days.

    Apply promo code to that RAM, and it saves $10. So no cost difference.

    Rest of build is fine as is. 5870 works fine for WOW. BIOS is in the MOBO not the GPU. You might mean drivers, but you're supposed to keep them up to date anyway.
  2. That should be batuchka's build.

    He works for Newegg and makes new combo deals on the spot when he needs them. Can't beat that.
  3. Yea I believe it was...I'm more or less just worried about the video card because of the so many negative reviews with so many people having the same problem. Check out the reviews and maybe you or someone could shed some light on what they are talking about and if it's as big of a deal as they are making it out to be.
  4. Honestly, we can't say too much beyond what those in the reviews are saying. It's not like we test hundreds of cards from each reseller.

    If you're uncomfortable with the GA one, then you can spend $10 more and get the same combo with a Asus 5870.

    Comes with a $20 MIR so it's actually $10 cheaper in the end.
  5. Yea I understand, I'm just trying to get as much info as I can. The person who is probably going to be building it for me just told me that "I just realized that ur MoBo isnt compatibale with ur vid card. the 5870 is a Pcie 2.1x16 card and ur motherboard doesnt support that." I believe both the MoBo and the video card I linked were from the same build, which I believe was batuchka' he correct is saying this? If not, why would he think that it isn't? Again, I have no knowledge of this stuff...Thanks as always

    EDIT: Sorry about the word mispelling if you know what I am talking about...was talking to someone in person about something completely different and typed what I was saying instead of what I was thinking haha.
  6. PCI-E 2.1 is backwards compatible with PCI-E 2.0. Your guy is wrong. He may have thought that because one is 2.1 and the other is 2.0 they wouldn't work together, but that's incorrect.

    Also, I suspect that the reason at least one of your earlier threads died was partly due to the weekend (there tend to not be a lot of responses on Sat/Sun). It is also true that people seem to stop commenting if the solutions provided seem to be good. :)
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