ASUS Motherboard RMA?

Hello guys,

I had rma'd my mobo a week ago and by this image:

I dont get what it says, the tracking number doesnt work, while it says that it shipped on Monday?

Please help, cant contact ASUS today, their phone isnt working and cant contact anyone on live support...

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  1. USPS are not known for the fastest service. Usually their tracking numbers do not update until delivered. Just hang in there they usually do not loose things.
  2. I'm just getting hasty because I got my new 4850 today :( but still what does "usps bs" mean?
  3. United States Postal Service! Bs stands for one of their services but not sure what it is!
  4. LOL, the usps guy just dropped the package outside my house xDD
  5. Great news enjoy!
  6. Nice I'm still waiting on my motherboard to be fixed. I think usps bs stands for United States Postal Service: Business Shipping
  7. Wow you got your mobo back quick! They received my p7p55d-e pro on 3/1/11 and I just received it today, 3/14/11. They did send me a brand new retail mobo though !! : )
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