Pls help, i need graphic card for my system

hello guys, this is Rohan

I wanted a graphic card which is cheap but nice. i want graphics card which has graphics till 256mb, but mainly 128mb. if u can get pls tell me. and im running windows 7

my processor is: AMD Athlon xp 2000+ 1.68ghz
Graphics: S3 Prosavage DDR 32mb graphics

and my mainboards model is ga-7vkml
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  1. You shouldnt be running Windows 7 on that machine!
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  3. boldor said:
    You shouldnt be running Windows 7 on that machine!

    its running very well with all visual effects. and in xp when i play some games like CS, it shows very bad graphics and that game when i play in win 7 its very good, and many games run in win7 than xp.

    i know aero is not enabled but i am using a black basic theme. its very nice.
  4. popatim said:

    Thank u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
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