Only sound out of right speaker with front jack and only left with bac

Hi all.

Wondering if i could get some help on this. I have an Asus M4A77TD motherboard, no sound card. I've recently been having a problem with getting sound out of both speakers. I had thought that I could only get sound out of the left speaker and not the right but just realized today that the problem is reversed for the front jack, I can get sound out the right speaker but not the left. I have installed all the drivers that came with the mobo, have checked that levels are balanced between left and right and ensured that my sound device is set to VIA High Definition Audio which is about all the solutions i have been able to glean so far from other posts. I'm sure the speakers are ok.

Oh and the other thing is that it seems to happen intermittently. I've been able to get it working properly, out of both speakers, once or twice for a few hours with the front jack but it reverts back to one speaker pretty quick. Not exactly sure why it works sometimes.

Anyway i hope thats enough info. Would really appreciate any help you can give me.

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  1. This is basic troubleshooting, your problem is one of the following:
    1) the sound chip
    2) the connectors or wire
    3) the speakers
    4) Audio drivers

    You should be able to plug your speakers into an MP3 player or another computer to verify they (and the wire) works.

    You can try reinstalling the drivers.

    If you just can't solve the problem and it's your onboard sound, then buy an inexpensive sound card. Here's the steps for that:
    1) uninstall your current drivers and any other related software
    2) turn OFF your computer and unplug it
    3) insert the sound card and plug in the audio connector
    4) boot to your BIOS and disable the onboard sound
    5) Install the drivers and software

    *One speaker only can happen sometimes with a bad connector, usually on the wire itself.
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