Upgrading OptiPlex GX50 parts

I have a Dell OptiPlex GX50 (Small Desktop Tower design) that I was given in the past couple of months, and am thinking of replacing almost everything in it (except maybe the CD/DVD Drive and Floppy Drive). It currently has all of its original parts in it, and the board uses an Intel 810E Chipset and Celeron microprocessor.

Would any of you have suggestions of what I could replace it with, or would it be better just to buy something new? Also the motherboard is a Micro ATX design
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  1. You're better off just doing a new build. Lot of Dell stuff is proprietary, and in their small form factor build's they actually use some laptop parts.
  2. How long have they been doing that for? And I'm planning to install Ubuntu Linux on it
  3. What would you suggest if you were going to upgrade it?
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