Replacement motherboard for 1155 with OEM Win7

I bought a new Sandy Bridge rig in January and finally got an email from Newegg saying the replacement motherboard is available (AsRock p67 Extreme4). I haven't had any problems yet since I currently only have a single HD and DVDRW on SATA, but I'd rather replace it for free now than have problems down the road.
My problem is that I got an OEM copy of win7. Would swapping the motherboard in this case mean I can't transfer the copy of windows over?

Also, although I built this rig I'm a bit anxious about removing and reinstalling the CPU. Maybe I'm overly-cautious about it and they're more durable than I imagine, but does anyone have experience doing that (I'm sure quite a few people do). I'd mostly like some reassurance that it's not a big deal.
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  1. I do not know about windows 7 but on XP it would not be an issue and if there was you should be able to reactivate with a phonecall to Microsoft.
    Reverse from installing it as per your mobo manual and not at all difficult, best to remove the CPU cooler when it is warm (right after shut down).
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    I've transfered my current Win7 Home Premium 64-bit OEM to several different upgrades, every one including a different mainboard and CPU. Each time it validated without me having to do anything.

    If you do happen to have a problem, call the special number and explain. They'll approve it.

    And as long as you're as careful pulling the CPU out as you were putting it in, there shouldn't be a problem. The easiest way is to have both boards next to each other. Take the CPU out of one and put it right into the other.
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