Will A ATI Radeon 4650 Asus low profile work with this psu?

Hi all, I was just wondering whether a 4650 would work with my psu?

AC input 200-240v-,2a 50hz
DC Input+ 3.3v

17A (ORG) + 5v
18.oA (RED)+ 12v1
16.oA (white) +55b
2.oA (purp) 12v
0.3A(blue) + 12v2
16.oA (yel)
P.G signla (Gray), Ground (Black)

(3.3v and +5v = 115w max total output continuous 250w peak load 300 watts.
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  1. If I'm reading what you wrote correctly then yes, it should be fine.
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