Is this a reference XFX 5870? How can I tell?

I ordered this XFX Radeon 5870 yesterday, thinking that it was a reference design. I've read elsewhere that a fan on the right side does not necessarily make it a reference card. Is this card a reference design?


It was between the XFX and the VisionTek, which looks like it is a reference design just by its plainness:

Visiontek Radeon HD5870
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  1. Actually, from the look of this thread, it is a reference design.

    Bing Cashback reduces the price to around $349 plus shipping right now at TigerDirect.
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    Both are reference designs.
    The decals pasted on the body don't change the physical layout of the design.

    A couple non-referenced models:

  3. A reference design with the shroud off.
  4. Hey WR2,

    Thanks for the replies.
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